About us

Italian Gourmet started its journey exactly one year ago with the sole purpose of bringing the best food in the world right to your doorstep.

Italian food is all about colour, fun, quality and taste at an affordable price. So, why shouldn’t you too be able to enjoy what we eat every day? That’s’ why we’re here!

In just a short period, we have become one of the top sellers of quality Italian products on Amazon and eBay with some of the highest feedback ratings, too. With this success and customer focus in mind, we decided to launch our own website so that you now know where to go to find your favourite Italian food at the kind of prices you like. We source all our products directly in Italy, guaranteeing you the widest selection of Italian products. Everything to remind you of your last holiday in the "Bel Paese"! Furthermore, we also offer the hospitality industry an extensive range of both retail and catering size products with fantastic shipping deals. So, contact us for all your business needs.

Rather than looking for just one brand, look for Italian Gourmet UK and be surprised by what Italian food is really all about!

Eat Well, Enjoy Life!

The Team

Every member of our team has many years of experience in this sector, and are passionate about guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
We provide all our customers, no matter where they live, with the same exacting levels of customer obsession that has made us the number one supplier of Italian culinary excellence on the net.


All our products are handled with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that every aspect of your order - from selection and packing to shipping - is processed with the highest standards imaginable.



All orders are packed using different packaging materials to ensure that your order, even biscuits, arrives exactly as you would expect. Just as if you had bought it from your favourite Italian Delicatessen yourself!

Trusted Suppliers

We have become one of the top sellers on Amazon and eBay, boasting one of the widest ranges of Italian products available. This is thanks to a vast network of trusted supplier-partners who guarantee us only the best products so we can focus on offering you an excellent choice at the best prices around. All our products are 100% Italian, so you eat what Italians eat at similar prices!

Supplying Stores Across the Country

Here at Italian Gourmet, we also offer business owners the same range of high-quality products, so get in touch to place your order today at super convenient prices. Rather than looking for just one brand, look for Italian Gourmet and discover what Italian food is all about!

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to place an order for our traditional Italian food.

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