Parmalat Chef Crema Cioccolato Chocolate Cream 530g



Have fun inventing, the boss will take care of the dessert. The Chocolate Cream Chef is soft and velvety and ready to use after just a few hours in the refrigerator to achieve the ideal consistency. The chocolate cream chef is genuinely homemade, tasty and nutritious and is ideal for preparing cakes and desserts. It has a thick and creamy texture that makes it especially greedy. The Chocolate Cream Chef is the preparation that you have been waiting for and that was missing in your kitchen to give you a delicious moment whenever you want. Thanks to its creaminess and its intense and enveloping taste, it is a dessert in itself! You can pour it into a cup and enjoy as a spoon dessert, perhaps combined with a puff of Cream Chef Spray and chopped hazelnuts. Also in combination with fruits like strawberries, it can turn your meal into a delicious and unforgettable moment. With a little imagination, you can add flavor to your favorite preparations: Try it as a filling for a delicious cake, for example, by cooking a fragrant shortcrust pastry base and filling it with this delicious chocolate cream. Once put in the refrigerator, it becomes thick and creamy, perfect to put in the sack à poche and used in a variety of ways. You can use it, for example, to fill delicious cream puffs with choux pastry, to add flavor to delicious puff pastry croissants, or to create a chocolatey and creamy layer between two soft puff pastry slices. The only limit to its use is your creativity in the kitchen!

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Ingredients: whole milk, sugar, modified starch, low-fat cocoa, 2.0% dark chocolate (cocoa powder, low-fat cocoa powder, cocoa mass, sugar), thickener: carrageenan; Aroma.

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