Parmalat Chef Crema Pasticcera Pudding Cream 530g



Have fun inventing, the boss will take care of the dessert. Soft and velvety, the Pastry Cream Chef is ready to use after just a few hours in the refrigerator to achieve the ideal consistency. The Pastry Cream Chef is really homemade, tasty and nutritious and is ideal for filling cream puffs and cakes. It has a delicate and natural taste that will satisfy the palate of all ages. Its smooth, creamy and homogeneous texture makes it perfect to enjoy with a spoon too. It is ideal for cold use. Are you looking for simple and delicious ideas to get the most out of the creaminess and enveloping taste of Chef Crema Pasticcera? You are spoiled for choice as this delicious preparation can be enjoyed on its own or used to add flavor to many sweet recipes. You can put it in a piping bag and use it to fill elegant dessert bowls and enjoy it alone, one spoon at a time. And if you love delicious combinations, it is perfect for adding flavor and delicacies to fresh fruits, for example strawberries or berries. So try it together with a fresh fruit salad or as a creamy filling for delicious tarts. If you love to put your hands in the batter, a soft pastry can be the perfect coffin to welcome that delicious cream. Once the base is filled and leveled, you can garnish with flavor and add slices of fresh fruit and jelly to make a birthday cake worthy of a pastry. Even for the fillings, the Chef Custard Cream has the ideal consistency: once you’ve made some fragrant puffs, you can fill them with the help of a piping bag, arrange them in a pyramid and sprinkle them with melted chocolate to make professional profiteroles.

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Ingredients: whole milk, sugar, modified starch, 2% egg yolk

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