Testpaket Pavesi Gocciole Italian Biscuits Cookies Chocolate Extra Dark Hazelnut Wild (4x packs)


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1x Gocciole al Cioccolato: Get your day off to a good start with all the taste and energy of Gocciole Pavesi! A shower of many chocolate drops in an exquisite crumbly shortcrust pastry: this is the secret of Gocciole Pavesi. 500g

1x Gocciole alla nocciola: A biscuit with an irresistible mix: a shower of chocolate drops in an exquisite hazelnut shortcrust pastry. 400g

1x Gocciole extra dark: irresistible cocoa biscuits with extra dark chocolate chips: a pleasure never experienced before! Try them at any time of day: at breakfast, as a snack or for a sweet evening cuddle! 400g

1x Gocciole wild: Their unique taste has a secret: many drops of chocolate in a tasty shortcrust pastry, also made with wholemeal flour. And they are a source of fiber! For a breakfast that turns the day from so to so. 400g

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