Tre Marie Ancora Uno Frolla con Cioccolato in pezzi Cookies with Chocolate Pieces 100% Italian Biscuits 350g



The quality ingredients come together one at a time, creating a scented mixture of butter and brown sugar. Only at the last moment, a thick rain of pieces of chocolate sinks into the soft dough and then resurfaces. Shortbread with chocolate pieces A shortbread scented with butter and brown sugar with a thick shower of chocolate pieces. For breakfast and for every pleasure break, so good that you feel like eating one more.

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Ingredients: ALLERGIC WARNING: the product may contain milk, sesame, hazelnuts and other nuts, therefore it is not suitable for consumption by allergy sufferers Glucose-fructose syrup Extra dark chocolate 16% (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract) Dextrose wheat flour Butter 4% Starch High oleic sunflower oil Brown sugar 19% Whole sea salt Aromas Fresh Italian eggs from free-range hens 3.7% Raising agents (sodium carbonate, monopotassium tartrate).

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